Nancy Ogilvie

No biographical information is provided on her official website. Nothing official about Nancy Ogilvie, expelled from the art foundation department of an Ontario college after being admitted to psychiatric care. Her website seems abandoned, with just a few photos of paintings, a paltry representation of a significant body of work. She is perhaps thirty-five and has been drawing since childhood. She mostly paints on wooden panels that she collects because she can’t afford to buy canvases, but also because she likes the texture of wood. Her work gives the impression that paint seeps from the wood, that it arose from a wild, urban forest. Animal and human presences are gradually won over by the interlacing of branches, as if these painted presences were abandoned and the painter is letting nature take back the wood it’s painted on. She says she paints what she sees, inner landscapes and scenes. Perhaps she mixes the human with the animal and plant worlds to calm the intensity and even the violence of these scenes.

A writer, Marie Depussé, ended up complying with her editor’s requirement to provide a biographical note, writing, “Marie Depussé, alive, to this day.” Perhaps I could have just written: “Nancy Ogilvie, painting, to this day.”

Patrick Cady

Nancy ogilvie – cache-cache – huile sur bois – 38/102cm
Nancy Ogilvie – circuit – acrylique sur bois – 53/123cm – 2013
Nancy Ogilvie – le manège – acrylique sur toile – 122/122cm – 2015
Nancy Ogilvie – les-bc3aates – huile sur bois – 120/106cm
Nancy Ogilvy – tendresse – acrylique sur toile – 51/40cm – 2017
Nancy ogilvie – Lapin de Pâques – acrylique sur bois – 24’/24′ – 2012
Nancy ogilvie – last ditch – media mix sur bois – 117/84cm – 2014
Nancy Ogilvie – Le pianiste – acrylique sur toile – 76/61cm
Nancy Ogilvie – Manny – huile sur bois – 51/41cm – 2012
Nancy ogilvie – Redland2 – acrylique sur bois – 51/61cm – 2013
Nancy ogilvie – split – acrylique sur bois – 122/122cm
Nancy Ogilvy – Nuit vide – acrylique sur MDF – 128/92cm – 2019
Nancy Ogilvie – la cathédrale – acrylique sur toile – 420/100cm – 2016